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Recovery is expected in 1-2 weeks. The process may take up to 1 month depending on the physical characteristics of the person and how much he/she follows the doctor's recommendations.

In general, it is not a difficult or risky operation. It is a procedure that can be discharged on the same day.

To avoid pain, the procedure is performed under anaesthesia. If pain is felt after the operation, painkillers recommended by the doctor can be used.

Thanks to vaginoplasty, the treated area gains an aesthetic appearance. The problems in appearance are also eliminated by tightening the tissues.

The operation takes 1.5 hours. General anaesthesia is preferred.

Doctor Details

Op. Dr. Burak PASİNLİOĞLU graduated from Ankara Science High School in 2006 and Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 2013. In 2019, he completed his residency at Gazi University Plastic Surgery Clinic; He received the title of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. In 2020, he received the European Plastic Surgery Recognition (EBOPRAS). Since 2021, he has been accepting patients in his private practice.

Vaginoplasty: A Significant Step in Women's Health

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure chosen by women to improve their health and quality of life. This procedure encompasses many details, from the preparation phase to the advantages it offers and the postoperative recovery process.

Preparation Phase: Priorities and Recommendations

Before vaginoplasty, there are several important steps to follow. It is crucial to quit harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption before the operation. In cases of pregnancy, a pregnancy test is necessary to determine whether the procedure can be performed. Following the instructions of Dr. Burak PASİNLİOĞLU and refraining from consuming any food or drink approximately 12 hours before the surgery are essential for a successful procedure.

Vaginoplasty: Advantages and Benefits

The primary goal of vaginoplasty is to tighten the tissues around the vagina and remove excess tissue, thus restoring the vaginal aesthetic appearance and eliminating abnormal appearances. Additionally, the tightening effect enhances sexual pleasure.

Postoperative Recovery Period: What to Pay Attention to?

During the recovery period after the surgery, experiencing mild pain and bleeding is normal and usually not a cause for concern. Applying ice can help reduce swelling. It is important to refrain from sexual intercourse for a specified period recommended by the doctor and to rest as advised. The use of painkillers should be in accordance with the doctor's recommendations and prescription instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaginoplasty

There are many questions commonly asked about vaginoplasty. These questions often revolve around the risks and benefits of the procedure, the permanence of the results, and postoperative sexual activity. Providing answers to these questions enables individuals to make more informed decisions before and after the procedure.

Things to Consider After Vaginoplasty

Several important points should be considered during the postoperative period. These include adhering to hygiene rules, regularly using prescribed medications, and attending follow-up appointments. Following these steps helps accelerate the healing process and achieve a smooth outcome.

Personal Stories and Experiences Related to Vaginoplasty

It is important for individuals considering vaginoplasty to share their experiences and stories with those who have undergone the procedure before. These personal stories can help prospective candidates make more realistic and informed decisions about the procedure.

Embrace Yourself Again with Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a significant step in enhancing women's health and quality of life. With proper preparation, professional surgery, and careful recovery, self-confidence increases, and quality of life improves. Under the expertise and experience of Dr. Burak PASİNLİOĞLU, vaginoplasty procedures are performed with utmost reliability and safety.

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