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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to reverse the natural effects of being a mother. This procedure is combined with tummy tuck surgery to correct sagging breasts, remove excess fat and skin loosening in the abdomen. Liposuction or breast augmentation can also be done. A maternity aesthetic is a great opportunity to boost your self-confidence and achieve a rejuvenated look. This procedure is especially suitable for women who feel uncomfortable due to postpartum body changes. When Mommy makeover is done safely and effectively, it can boost your self-confidence and make you feel better. Make your life more enjoyable and give yourself a fresh start!

Mommy Makeover
Mommy Makeover


Mommy Makeover

Of course you can choose. All operations are planned based on your request and your doctor's recommendations for you. No operation is performed against your will.

Certainly. The surgeries do not harm fertility in any way. However, it should be known that in case of getting pregnant again, the body will experience the same changes again and the same treatment process may need to be repeated. Pregnancy is not recommended for an average of 1 year after operations involving abdominoplasty.

Yes. As with any surgical operation, swelling and bruises may occur in your body after these operations. But this is a temporary situation, over time, these swelling and bruises will go away on their own.

Mommy Makeover is an operation in which many different procedures can be applied. For this reason, the completion time of the operation and the total recovery time vary according to the procedures performed. Generally, there is a recovery period of around 2 weeks in tummy tuck operations, while you can recover in 1 week in breast operations.

Yes, it brings lasting results. Processes such as serious weight gain and loss after surgery and pregnancy may affect the result.

Doctor Details

Op. Dr. Burak PASİNLİOĞLU graduated from Ankara Science High School in 2006 and Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 2013. In 2019, he completed his residency at Gazi University Plastic Surgery Clinic; He received the title of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. In 2020, he received the European Plastic Surgery Recognition (EBOPRAS). Since 2021, he has been accepting patients in his private practice.

What is Mommy Makeover?

Experiencing motherhood is undoubtedly one of life's greatest joys. However, during this process, women often go through challenging times. After a period of extreme physical and psychological changes, significant transformations occur for every woman. Postpartum deformations in the body, particularly, can cause discomfort for many women. Mommy Makeover is the collective term for aesthetic surgeries aimed at correcting these postpartum changes and restoring women's confidence.

What Procedures Does Mommy Makeover Include?

Mommy Makeover surgeries typically encompass procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast surgeries (breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction), vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). These procedures are personalized and planned according to each individual's needs and desires.

Who is Mommy Makeover Recommended For?

The postpartum period involves many physical changes, and deformations such as loosening, fat accumulation, and stretch marks may occur in the body. Mommy Makeover surgeries are recommended for women aged 35-55 who experience these changes after giving birth and feel uncomfortable with them.

How Does the Operation Process Proceed?

Before deciding on Mommy Makeover surgeries, it is recommended to wait until after childbirth and breastfeeding for tissue recovery. Measures such as discontinuing blood thinners and quitting smoking are taken before surgery. The procedures are determined and planned according to the individual's needs, and the duration varies depending on the type of surgeries to be performed.

What Should Be Considered After the Operation?

There are some points that patients should pay attention to during the postoperative period. Swelling and edema that may occur in the first few weeks after surgery are normal and usually temporary. Painkillers recommended by the doctor can be used for postoperative pain, but it is essential to consult the doctor before using them. Regular doctor check-ups and adherence to recommended diet and lifestyle changes are crucial for maintaining results.

Mommy Makeover and Confidence

Mommy Makeover surgeries help mothers feel better about themselves and increase their confidence. These surgeries are an effective method to reverse the changes that occur in the body after childbirth and to help mothers look younger and fitter.

Mommy Makeover and Permanent Results

When performed correctly, Mommy Makeover surgeries provide permanent results. However, regular exercise, healthy eating, and adherence to the doctor's recommendations are important for maintaining these results. Additionally, regular follow-up with the doctor during the postoperative period ensures long-lasting results.

Mommy Makeover surgeries are an effective method for reversing postpartum changes in the body and helping mothers feel better about themselves. These surgeries are personalized according to individual needs and desires and are performed by expert surgeons. Regular doctor follow-ups and adherence to recommended lifestyle changes are important for achieving permanent and satisfying results.

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