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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Abdominal tightening is recommended in cases where diet and exercise are insufficient against lubrication and sagging in the abdomen. This method provides great benefits to people who have skin cracks and sagging in the abdomen. This procedure may be needed after conditions that cause changes in the abdomen, such as multiple births, cesarean section, and constant weight gain. If it is decided to apply, the doctor's instructions should be followed 2 weeks in advance and harmful habits should be avoided.

Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck


Tummy Tuck

In cases where there is no heavy work and the person feels good, it is possible to return to desk jobs after an average of 2 weeks.

Yes, scars remain on the body. However, this scar is aligned to the underwear area and is invisible to the naked eye.

The operation takes 3-4 hours. General anesthesia is used. After the operation, it is necessary to stay under surveillance for 2 days.

Despite all exercise and diet efforts, anyone who has problems such as sagging, cracking, and fat in the abdomen can apply to this application. It is important that applicants do not have a chronic illness.

3-4 hours after the operation, walking can be started with support. It is necessary to stay under observation at the hospital for 2 days after the operation. After the 7th day, you can take a shower. For the first 10 days, it is necessary to walk with the waist and knees bent. Daily routines can be resumed after 2 weeks.

Doctor Details

Op. Dr. Burak PASİNLİOĞLU graduated from Ankara Science High School in 2006 and Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 2013. In 2019, he completed his residency at Gazi University Plastic Surgery Clinic; He received the title of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. In 2020, he received the European Plastic Surgery Recognition (EBOPRAS). Since 2021, he has been accepting patients in his private practice.

Tummy Tuck: A Perfect Solution for Aesthetic Appearance

In today's world, sagging, stretch marks, and excess fat in the abdominal area are common problems due to multiple childbirths, constant weight fluctuations, or the loss of skin elasticity with age. However, the tummy tuck operation offers a perfect solution for individuals with such aesthetic concerns. Tummy tuck procedures performed under the expertise and experience of Dr. Burak PASİNLİOĞLU provide an effective way to get rid of sagging and wrinkles in the abdominal area.

Who Can Benefit From Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery is suitable not only for women but also for men. Anyone experiencing sagging in the abdomen and complaining of excess fat can benefit from this procedure. Additionally, individuals experiencing deformities in the abdominal area for different reasons can also undergo tummy tuck surgery. However, this procedure is not recommended for individuals with chronic illnesses and those unsuitable for anesthesia.

How is Tummy Tuck Surgery Performed?

The tummy tuck operation begins with a detailed physical examination. General anesthesia is applied before the operation, and then excess skin and fat tissue in the abdominal area are removed to reshape the abdomen. Since the position of the belly button changes, it is repositioned accordingly. Dr. Burak PASİNLİOĞLU performs tummy tuck operations using the most advanced medical equipment and operating rooms to ensure the most satisfactory results.

Recovery Process After Tummy Tuck Surgery

The recovery process varies depending on the individual's lifestyle and body structure. Mild pain and discomfort may be experienced in the first few days after the operation, but these symptoms can be controlled with medications recommended by your doctor. It is important to follow your doctor's recommendations diligently for the healthy progression of the healing process. After tummy tuck surgery, you can achieve a flatter and younger-looking appearance.

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